Feel those feels

DAY THREE – 1 hour

Confronting oppression is hard work. We all have good days and bad. Having the right tools to process your emotions is just as important as going to the streets or calling your congresspersons. Jennifer Loubriel, Contributing Writer at Everyday Feminism, has put together a handy list of four things you can do to process those emotions without alienating, dismissing or ignoring women of color.

“As a white person who does this kind of work, chances are you have encountered the same kinds of issues. In your work, you might not have had the room to confront your emotions of guilt, fear, anger, or confusion.

While it’s important for all folks to stop centering the emotions of white people in our activism and in our lives, it’s also important for you, and all white people, to be able to process your emotions.”

Read it for yourself here