Decisions over dinner


Focused activism requires planning. Take some time over dinner tonight to plan at least 3 volunteer sessions. You can use the survey below to get started:


How often can you volunteer?

Once a week, once a month, once every couple of months


What type of volunteering are you comfortable with?

Direct = Work directly with the community and the public

Indirect = Work with staff behind the scenes 


Is this a solo venture or are you bringing people along?

Tip: It’s easier to stay accountable if you make it a group activity


Where will you devote your time?

Research groups in your region. A few areas of services to get you started: education, arts and culture, reproductive rights, minority rights, immigrant rights, women’s representation, criminal justice reform, environmental conservation, housing rights, nutrition, job training


Sign up to volunteer or train right now

Some volunteer opportunities, like staffing a crisis call center or becoming a clinic escort at Planned Parenthood require special training. Other places request you fill out a profile and explain why you want to volunteer. Grab that dessert and get started!