Are you a white liberal woman? Are you ashamed of this election? Ashamed that it was men and women like us—including people we know and love—that put Trump in the white house? Are you ready to admit this didn’t come out of nowhere; this is the America that people of color have been fighting against for centuries. Does the idea of one march, donation, or volunteer day just not sit well with you? Are you ready to own up to our role in all of this and do the real work? Then this is for you.


Okay, so you’re ready to do something substantial—but where do you start? How about here. Daily Dues is a daily activist agenda for white women—one thing you can do every day Trump is in office to start paying back our debts.
Sometimes it will mean watching a 30-second video on your way to work, other times it might be visiting an art exhibit. And yes, sometimes it will mean getting out in the streets to protest, sitting down with a relative or pushing back on a co-worker. Effective activism is sustainable and woven into every day. We are privileged enough to choose when we engage, let’s use that freedom to do more.